Dog ownership is many things – It’s full of fun, love, and joy, but most important of all, it’s a journey. We’re here to make that journey as seamless as possible for you and your beloved canine friend.

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Haaave you met Mochi? You may have spotted our friendly storekeeper watching you browse the Doggo store. A playful, sociable, adorable Corgi, Mochi lives for praise and affection, and it was her bubbly personality that won her the title of storekeeper at the Doggo store!

Mochi has only ever held a single job prior to this – A short stint helping out her best friend; Maru the cat at his workplace; Nekojam.com. Having picked up lots of useful tips about the best deals in Singapore and discovering the joys of helping fellow pet parents find their favourite foods and toys, Mochi now spends her day curating products at Doggo, all by herself.

Good girl, Mochi.